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Discover Midwest Textiles & Supplies' present inventory of wholesale fabrics from our trusted fabric partners, alongside our exclusive line of fabrics, RB Studios. We are the exclusive provider of Kwik Kits - the ready-to-sew quilt kits that streamline the quilting process. Explore a diverse range of fabrics, precuts, and other exciting products by shopping with us!

As the primary supplier for custom cutting and kitting for quilt shops, we aim to assist shops in developing their businesses by creating personalized merchandise for their customers. Our services enable quilt shops to focus on growth while providing their customers with tailor-made products.

2351 Products

Willow Hollow - Stair-Stepped Boxes - Dk Blue
Willow Hollow - Floral - Dk Blue
Willow Hollow - Tulip Vines - Med Blue
Willow Hollow - Lace and Flowers - Med Blue
Willow Hollow - Cross Hatch - DkBlue
Willow Hollow - Heart Blossoms - Cream
Willow Hollow - Meandering Dots - Cream
Willow Hollow - Curlicues - Cream
Shadow and Elegance - Delightfully Smitten - Striking
Wild and Wonderful - Shuffle Your Feet - Beige
Wild and Wonderful - Dappled Shade - Green Space
Wild and Wonderful - Cool Water - Rainbow
Wild and Wonderful - Wherever I May Roam - Snow Flurry
Wild and Wonderful - Wherever I May Roam - Hot Spring
Wild and Wonderful - A Lovely Day - Sunset
Wild and Wonderful - A Lovely Day - Cool Morning
Maison - Precut Pack - 2X2X2X4 - Multi
Flower Festival - Magnolias - Aubergine
Flower Festival - Swirling Vines - Olive
Sweet Dreams Flannel - Dreamy Leaf - Buttercream
Wild Ones - Koala Dance - Navy
Emma & Mila - GM Stardust & Moon - Pink Metallic
Vintage Vogue Laundry - Stripes - Red
Quilter's Cupboard - Rectangles - Begonia
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Select up to 4 items to compare.