Tools and Notions

Make your embroidery project a breeze with Midwest Textiles & Supplies! Our selection of tools and notions includes everything from full length shears to tiny thread snips, scissors, thread clips, lubricating oil, bobbin case parts, and puffy foam. Shop our expansive selection to find just what you need for your project!

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Mundial Pixel 4pc Scissor Set
Belmont X Fine 3-1/2" Curved Point Scissors
Tajima Hold Screw
Tajima Bobbin Case
Tajima Anti Backlash Spring
Tajima Adjustment Screw
Peggy Stitch Eraser 3 - Replacement Head
Peggy Stitch Eraser 3
White Oil - Pen - .25oz
White Oil - 1 Quart
8-1/2" Dressmaker Shears - Left Hand
8-1/2" Dressmaker Shears
8" Dressmaker Shears - Soft Cushion Handle
7.5" Pinking Shears
5-1/2" Craft Scissors
4-3/4" Thread Clips
5" SuperEdge Craft Scissors
5" Scissors
4-1/4" SuperEdge Embroidery Scissors
4-1/2" Embroidery Scissors
4-1/2" SuperEdge Thread Clips
4" Specialty Forged Embroidery Scissors
3-1/2" Curve Point Embroidery Scissors
White Oil - Needle Tip Point - 4oz
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Select up to 4 items to compare.